Kerb Press, slab Press, Hydraulic Press FPH - Three Mould Press
The flagship of concrete pressing is the 3-Mould Rotary Press. By using a hydraulic pressing process and rotary table system, this machine is one of the most efficient ways of producing pressed concrete products.

Forest Press supply everything you need for the 3-Mould press. From a simple seal or filter, to a gearbox, mould table, or even to complete press, we pride ourselves in our supply ability!
Three Mould Press
Whether your new to the industry, or have been pressing for years, we can keep your 3-Mould in perfect working order. Our comprehensive machining facilities and stocking systems allow us to give our customers a service and delivery they expect from the worlds No.1 !

A dry run of a Three Mould Press in our workshop

The Three Mould Product Removal System