The Single Mould Press gives a more cost effective tooling / set up option to the 3-Mould. It is still a 400 Ton power machine, and is capable of producing any product that the three mould can output. The actual standard mould table aperture and press daylight are identical to the three mould machine, although production is naturally slower.
This type of machine would be used for low quantity special products, such as radius, dropper, quadrant, return end kerb stones etc, although in certain parts of the world it is used as a production machine depending on market demand and competition.
Single Mould Press
As any of our satisfied customers will tell you, all our machines (Single or 3-Mould) come supplied with fabricated steel plinths as standard. This eases installation by allowing the machinery to be fixed to a flat concrete floor rather than a preformed concrete plinth.
On the handling system, we can offer various options from a simple hand operated takeoff, to a fully automated production system Obviously dependant on the production requirements, every option has been catered for to give you every option for your machine

A dry run of a Single Mould Press in our workshop

The Single Mould Take-Off